Inventory is a representation of a physical good in a warehouse. Each product has one or more inventory items associated with it.

Each inventory_item_id returned from the Product endpoint maps to the id field in the Inventory endpoint.

To most accurately map a sku or Product Name to inventory levels, first call the Product endpoint to get the inventory_item_id list. Then, call the /wms-api/inventory/{inventory_item_id} endpoint to get the inventory levels for each Inventory Item.

Inventory Breakdowns

awaitingInventory that is expected to arrive to a warehouse.
onhandTotal quantity in the warehouse.committed + unfulfillable + fulfillable (this formula does not apply if an item has substitute SKUs)
committedInventory that is already assigned to orders.
unfulfillableInventory that is damaged, quarantined, etc…
fulfillableInventory that can be fulfilled and shipped for orders.
unsellableInventory that is being held from sales channels (e.g. reserved)deprecated
sellableInventory that is available in sales channels.