The Trackstar API can be hit at

Trackstar API responses are all returned in JSON format.

Postman Collection

The Trackstar Postman collection can be found in JSON format at To use it, simply open the Postman app or web client, click “Import”, and type in the above URL.


Standard HTTP status codes are used to indicate success or failure of an API request.

Error response bodies are returned in the following format:

    "error": "Sample error message"

and will have a status code associated with them. Some types of errors will contain additional fields, but all will contain "error".

Unimplemented Endpoints

Endpoints that are not supported for a given integration (e.g. GET /wms/returns for the Cool WMS integration) will return a 501 status code with the following body:

    "error": "Endpoint get_returns is not implemented for Cool WMS"


Endpoints that list data retrieve 1000 items by default. You can change this using the limit query parameter. Endpoints implement pagination logic and return a next_token, which will be null if there is no additional data. Valid next_tokens can then be passed into the endpoint’s page_token parameter to get the next page of results. Leave this field out to get the first page.

When paginating, keep all original filters across subsequent requests.


Some list endpoints support different shapes for query parameters. For parameters that support them, possible comparison operators are = or eq (equal), neq (not equal), gt (greater than), lt (less than), gte (greater than or equal), lte (less than or equal), in (in a list), and nin (not in a list).

For in and nin the API accepts a comma separated string e.g. value_1,value_2.

More details can be found in each individual endpoint’s documentation.